1981 Photo

Dressed as Anne of Green Gables in 2008 on Prince Edward Island


How to best help others has been a subject of interest since being encouraged in my youth to "do a good deed every day" and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".  

My educational, work, and life experiences have exposed me to many avenues of service. My formal education has focused on theology, sociology,  rehabilitation, education, and management.

My work experiences have included college educator, graduate program coordinator, grant writer, Switzer fellow, training services coordinator for state agencies, information officer/special librarian, and former officer in The Salvation Army.  

My volunteer experiences have included being a host mother to international students from Germany, Japan, Thailand, Denmark, and Malaysia.  It also includes disaster relief, administering CPR to an accident victim on the highway, and assisting at a nature center. 

When the three volume research studies on Help-Giving, Help-Seeking, and Help-Receiving were published in the 1980's, I was anxious to learn their findings. That satisfied my intellectual curiosity on the subject.  My emotional curiosity, however, was satisfied when I not only read but felt the compassion exuding from every page of the book by Ram Dass and Paul Gordon, How Can I Help? 

As a retiree, I have a lifetime of helping experiences to reflect on and this website is designed to share what I have learned with students choosing professional careers; family members dealing with depression, disability, diversity, and death; business owners concerned about social responsibility; and religious devotees seeking interfaith avenues of giving to others.