In our search for answers regarding To Help or Not To Help,  major world religions offer guidance. Most organized world religions are followed because they answer questions about the unknown: Where did I come from? Why am I here? How do I overcome life's problems and suffering? Where do I go when I die?  Sources of oral and written inspiration for each world religion usually provide answers as well as moral and ethical guidelines or commands which, if followed, reward the sojourner in this life or a future one.

Keep in mind that all of the written texts were often built on oral traditions which were necessitated before writing implements, printing presses, and computers were invented.  To aid memory and application in passing down from one generation to the next, the oral tradition used songs, poetry, and stories. Beginning with the oldest to the youngest of these world religious traditions, we'll briefly review their major tenets and then see sample texts related to helping ourselves or others. Click on each button below to read about the religion that interests you.  After reading each religious overview, note the areas of similarities and differences.  Often there are more similarities in terms of help-giving behavior than differences.  Also be aware that world religions have left their marks on the political, social, and economic status of nations worldwide.